Dunk Nation 3X3—Halcyon Network Limited Profile &Privacy Protection Policy

Time: 2017-09-25

Halcyon Network Limited Profile & Privacy Protection Policy:


Halcyon would like to make clear our respect for your privacy and intent to protect your private information related to your profile. If we ever need to collect you information we will notify all users in advance to guarantee the security of your profile.

1. Company Name
2. Collection Purpose
3. Profile Category
4. Collection & Usage Method
5. Privacy Rights
6. Effect of Incomplete Profile and User Information
7. Security Maintenance


Please read through Halcyon Network Limited Profile & Privacy Protection Policy


1. Policy Coverage
Halcyon privacy policy regards profile collection, disposal, usage, international delivery and protection methods when you are on the Halcyon Network and subsidiary websites and exclude other third party websites or web pages.


2. Collection Purpose
   According to the different purposes of different services within the company, the possible categories and situations of the profile collections are as follows:
(1) In Game
When you log in, Halcyon will obtain your profile, including name, nickname, ID number, telephone number, email and other necessary related information. Regarding membership, you will get a membership account and password, and enjoy all the membership services attached to your account and password.
(2) Online Transactions
If you use online transaction services in the game, we will obtain your order information based on your online transaction form to ensure you complete payment, top-up and other transaction services.
(3) Online Activity
Your profile will be directly provided and verified by membership data bank when you participate in Halcyon online activity or survey. When the activity needs you to provide additional information, you must provide the needed information in details. The additional information is guaranteed by privacy policy as well.
(4) Web Browsing
When you browse Halcyon and subsidiary websites, Halcyon will automatically record your IP location, time and browse information. This data are only for statistical analysis of traffic flow and network service optimization, in order to improve the service quality of Halcyon websites.
  (5) Other Clauses
   In addition to your directly provided personal information, You may also take the initiative to provide personal information to Halcyon partners. In terms of your consent or for the purpose of performing the contract, Halcyon partners may provide your profile data to Halcyon. This data will only be used and handled within the scope of your agreement or for the service of the contract instead of being used for other purposes.


3. Collection & Usage Method
(1) Duration
Unless there are other rules according to the law, the usage of the data will not stop until the service is completed within the game and the subsidiary websites or until you make a request.
(2) Region
This is effective over all North America and areas which provide Halcyon and subsidiary websites services.
(3) Data
Unless there are other rules according to the law, the data will only be used within your consented service and Halcyon game related scope. We will not arbitrarily give away your profile to the third party or other companies. Based on the purpose of performing the contract, we will provide related materials to our partners to complete the contract obligation of game operations.
(4) Usage Method.


4.1 Membership Data
When you are performing the game service, Halcyon will automatically obtain the related information of your website and use the data to analyze your game habits and consumption behavior. The materials are for providing the detailed membership data and used as bases to design membership activity and optimize game content.


4.2 Online Transaction.
If you use online transaction services in the game, we will obtain your order information based on your online transaction form to ensure you complete payment, top-up and other transaction services.


4.3 Online Activity and Investigation.
Your personal data is only used for the Halcyon online activity and investigation. The data will be destroyed when the activity or investigation ends.


4.4 Statistics and Analysis.
For the data when you sign in for the game account, and the tracking record when you browse the web, we will sporadically make analysis and statistics for the overall member behavior instead of personal behavior.


4. Privacy Rights
(1). You can submit a written request to perform the following rights:


1.1 Inquiry or request for reading.

1.2 Request for copies.

1.3 Request for supplement or correction.

1.4 Request to stop collection, disposal or use of the data.

1.5 Request for deletion.

(2). Rights Restriction
The above rights will be restricted if you are not consistent with Halcyon application procedures or there are other rules according to the law.


(3). Surcharged
Halcyon would charge you for cost fee when you request Halcyon for data inquiry, reading or copies.


(4). Right Performance Method
You should fill in the application for Privacy Rights inquiry. Halcyon will make a request to you for identity certification. If you entrust another to submit for you, you must issue a letter of attorney and provide your ID and your agent ID certification file.


5. Effect of Incomplete Profile and User Information
It will influence the communication between Halcyon and you, transaction completion, service providing, ID certification and payment, transaction and client problems if you can’t provide complete and authentic personal data. Therefore, we suggest you to provide complete personal data and immediate updates. If it causes damages to you and the third party due to incomplete or inauthentic information, you are expected to correct this. If it cause damages to Halcyon, Halcyon has the rights to request compensation.


6. Security Maintenance
As for your personal data files. Halycon will adopt appropriate security measures and try hard to use reasonable technology and measures, based on related laws to enforce security maintenance matters, to prevent your personal data from being stolen, altered, destroyed, deleted or made public.


7. Privacy Policy Revision
Halcyon has the right to autonomously modify Privacy Policy. The revision rules will be announced on the website. Please pay attention to guarantee personal rights. If you continue to use Halcyon and the affiliated website after the revision, it would mean you have read and agreed the revised agreement.


8. Opinions and Suggestions
If you have any opinions or suggestions for Halcyon privacy policy or personal data related contents, please contact Halcyon customer service center.